Consumers’ increasing awareness of health and wellness has been driving the nutrition market globally. Globally, consumers are recognising the importance of a balanced nutrition intake in our daily diet.

The world Health and Wellness (H&W) Dairy Market was worth €153 billion in 2017 and is growing at 4.3% CAGR, with Asia Pacific (7.1% CAGR) and Middle East and Africa (7.5% CAGR) being the strongest growth areas (Euromonitor, 2017).

World Health & Wellness Dairy Market Size

Working closely with our global partners and customers, Dairygold aims to provide nutritious and excellent quality dairy nutrition ingredients. Our Business Insights team provides perspective on the 5 key trends in dairy nutrition.

5 key trends

Naturally Healthy

A significant trend in today’s marketplace is consumers’ desire for ingredients and food that are naturally healthy and functional due to increasing awareness in health globally and rapid income growth in many developing countries. Compared to ‘added’ food, consumers perceive naturally healthy and functional products as a guarantee of safety and trust.

Dairygold’s products, produced from grass-fed milk in the nutrient-rich fertile pastureland in the Golden Valleys of Ireland, have been scientifically proven to be naturally fortified and superior in nutritional content.


Modern and busy lifestyles are disrupting our meal times into shorter eating occasions, which leads to the rising popularity of snackification. Consumers’ awareness of portion also fuels the consumption growth of healthy snacks.  We note great innovation in the market to deliver healthy dairy products in smaller and more convenient packaging, especially in healthy cheese snacks.

Personalisation and Fragmentation

Living in an era with overwhelming amounts of information at our finger tips, we decide what information to utilise to form a personalised lifestyle. Personalisation in dairy nutrition means consumers nowadays are taking control of their choices in the dairy category. Tailoring nutrition for specific customers is stimulating the market segmentation, which brings opportunities for Innovation and R&D to explore niche products and markets.

Digestive Wellness

Consumers can find many solutions for digestive wellness in dairy products today. The popularity of probiotic dairy, fermented dairy and lactose-free dairy aids consumers’ desire to enjoy the benefits of digestive health.

Probiotics and prebiotic fibres continue to fuel the market, providing a series of benefits in intestinal health, weight management and a healthy immune system. Fermented dairy is also propelling the digestive wellness trend and is creating a new market category.

Protein Consumption

The protein ingredients market is projected to reach €49.5bn by 2020, with 6% CAGR (Bord Bia, 2018). We see the increase in protein consumption driven by sports nutrition, healthy aging and clinical nutrition. Dairy is a natural and rich source of protein that serves consumers’ need in building and repairing muscle tissue and reduces hunger between meals.

The grass-fed milk produced in the Golden Valleys of Ireland is naturally enriched with protein. Dairygold supplies a variety of nutritional ingredients to the global market to meet different customers’ needs in protein consumption.

Dairygold’s Innovation in Dairy Nutrition

The emerging and dynamic trends in the dairy nutrition market brings both opportunities and challenges to the dairy industry. In Dairygold, we believe in creating value for our customers through a technology driven and insight led approach.

Dairygold’s innovation in dairy nutrition is a combination of our technical expertise and experience supported by market insights to manufacture a portfolio of top quality grass-fed dairy ingredients. We aim to offer our global customers tailored solutions in dairy nutrition to continuously support global consumers’ health and wellness.


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