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about us

Alexandria For Trade is a family business in the market since 1998. The company imports food ingredients and additives. We have made many contracts with multinational companies in Egypt. Alex For Trade imports raw materials from the largest suppliers in the world. During our journey we have proven that we do not send materials only, we send confidence too.


Dairy markets are historically the most volatile among agriculture markets. To survive and
thrive in the industry, it’s all about balance.
In the perfect world, dairy markets are balanced when supply matches demand and there is no
shortage or surplus of product.
While no market can be perfectly balanced, various sourcing solutions help producers to avoid
wasting product and to keep the plants running efficiently .

Industry overview

Dairy Ingredients are essential in production of dairy products, whether for recombination /
reconstitution, yield increase, viscosity control,…. They do not only offer adapted solutions to
each type of application, but also help producers to compete in VUCA world.

Our products and services

1. Localizing Dairy Commodities & Ingredients
by offering full supply chain solutions to
Dairy , desserts , Cheese, Ice cream and
Bakery industries.
2. Co create and develop long term strategic
plan securing a sustainable growth , and a
short term tactics to help overcome challenges.
3. Develop Formulas by offering different and
alternative functionality ingredients.
4. Work closely together with our customers
to develop new products meeting the
global / local needs using different
combinations .

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