Milk protein concentrate

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These concentrates are used in many applications, such as sports-, infant- and health  care nutrition.

Milk protein concentrate (also called MPC) is the milk protein that does not pass the membrane during the ultra filtration process. The resulting concentrate is dried to a well dissolving powder, varying in protein content up to 85%.Alexandria for trade therefore offers three types of milk protein concentrate:

  • MPC 70
  • MPC 80
  • MPC 85

These concentrates can be applied for:

  • the improvement of the nutritional profile of sports-, infant- and health food;
  • the addition of structure and mouth feel of dairy formulations, such as yoghurt and cheese.

milk protein concentrate range exists of nutritional as well as functional milk protein concentrates. Our team gladly informs you on which ingredient is the best choice for your end product. Please tell us about your needs in terms of quality, functionality, logistics, and production, so we can tailor our services entirely to your wishes and demands!


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