70% Demineralized Whey Powder

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This milk alone is used to produce cheese, casein and fresh liquid whey, which is generated rapidly and processed in our state-of-the-art demineralized whey production facility. This ensures full traceability and control over the raw material.

70% Demineralized Whey Powder is produced through a unique process using ion exchange and electrodialysis technology to ensure at least 70% of the mineral content is removed from sweet whey. That guarantees our specific target levels for minerals, including calcium, phosphorous and magnesium are reached. This process also ensures that microbiological and NPN levels in the final product are minimized.




70% Demineralized Whey Powder is a spray dried powder, suitable for clinical solutions applications.




70% Demineralized Whey Powder is supplied in 25kg bags or in 1000kg bulk bags with a 2 year shelf life.




• Manufactured from fresh, pasteurized cheese and casein whey from milk sourced exclusively from our own farmers, guaranteeing quality and traceability of supply, and is produced from pasture based cows fed on a natural, grass-based diet.
• Exceptionally low microbiological levels.
• The mineral content is strictly monitored and controlled in order to ensure consistency and ease of use in formulation.
• Clean taste profile and excellent process stability.



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